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Electrical Engineer

major in communication systems and signal processing




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Last Update Mar 2001

Areas Of  Interest

    A. Professional

1. Wireless/Optical Communication Systems

2. Signal/Image Processing for Communication and Control

3. Robotics and Computer Control

4. Automation of Eng./Non-Eng. Systems

5. Digital Systems, PC and Microcontrollers 

6. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

7. Curricula Design for Elec. Eng. & Education Policies for Development

8. Literal Editing of Engineering and Scientific Writings


     B. Other

1. Astrophysics, Biology

2. Ancient Music (Dastgahi : Mirza Abdoll'ah), History, Politics

3. Climbing, Ancient Sports


Industrial Experiences

      A. Design and Implementation Projects

1. HF Two-Channel Digital Speech Communication System

2. Portable Data Modem

3. Image Compression Using Fast Karhunen-Loeve Transformations

4. Recognition of Noisy Isolated English Printed Characters

5. VHF Analog Speech Communication System

6. HF Analog/Digital Remote Control System

7. Underwater Communication and Control System

8. Laser Data Communication System

9. Computer Speech Record/Playback System

10. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement System



     B. Research Projects

1. Designing Ion Detectors Using Neural Networks

2. Design of an Evaluation System for Academic Books

Academic Activities

     A-1. Papers

 [1] Bayat R,A.R. Sharafat, S.M.P. Firoozabadi; "Fuzzy Classification of Electromyogram(EMG) Signal Using  Neural Networks;" Proc of 2nd Iranian Conf on Elec. Eng. (in persian); Tarbiat Modarres University (TMU) press; 1994

         [2] Bayat R., A.R. Sharafat, S.M.P. Firoozabadi; "Filtering of Electromyogram Signal and Locating Innervation Zone in the Biceps Muscle Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms" proc. of 3rd Iranian Conf. on Elec. Eng. (in Persian); Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) Press; 1995

     A-2. Presentations

     [1] "Hardware/Software View in Learning (Elec.) Eng.;" Presented in Semnan University;    

         IRAN; Nov  1999 (Abstract)

     [2] "Laser Applications;" Presented in Semnan University, IRAN, Dec 2000 (Abstract) 


           A-3. Courses Taught

     Undergraduate Courses According to Ministry of S.R.T. Programs

  1. Communications I 

  2. Electric Circuits I 

  3. Electric Circuits II 

  4. Computer Networks 

  5. Communication Circuits 

  6. Television and Video Systems 

  7. Electronics I 

  8. Electronics II 

  9. Laboratory of Electronics I 

10. Laboratory of Electronics II 

11. Projects for Laboratory of Electronics III 


      How To Reach Me


Voice Box: +98(21)8749201-1608

P.O.Box: 15385-636, Karadj, IRAN